April 2020 Table of Contents

Roofing With Self-Adhering EPDM Roofing With Self-Adhering EPDM

When the schedule is tight and roofers are scarce, contractors can handle this job with their own crews. Read more

Understanding a Wall's Real R-Value Understanding a Wall's Real R-Value

Steve Baczek's strategy of “proportional development” that balances insulation and window R-values will result in improved wall performance. Read more

New Tools From STAFDA New Tools From STAFDA

From a unique workbench to a powerful cordless chainsaw, here are 15 new tools that caught Mark Clement's eye at the all-tool, all-pro show. Read more

Training the Trades
Wall Sheathing Basics TRAINING THE TRADES Wall Sheathing Basics

For crew members who are new to framing walls, here's a step-by-step guide to a critical part of the process. Read more

On the Job
Rot-Proof Window Sill Retrofit Rot-Proof Window Sill Retrofit

Manny Silva explains how to replace a rotted wood window sill with one fabricated on site from PVC trim. Read more

Streamlined Ipe Decking Installation Streamlined Ipe Decking Installation

Want straighter deck boards and more consistent gap? Try installing every third course first. Read more

Condensing vs. Non-Condensing Boilers Condensing vs. Non-Condensing Boilers

To choose between these two options, you need to understand their differences in installation, operation, and efficiency. Read more

Nails vs. Screws for Sheathing Nails vs. Screws for Sheathing

You may think screws are always stronger, but there's a reason why you should fasten sheathing to framing with nails instead of screws. Read more

A Dovetailed Stick Frame BACKFILL A Dovetailed Stick Frame

Learn how - and why - a pair of Maine craftsmen combined typical 2x4 framing with fine dovetail joinery to build a not-so-rustic cabin. Read more

American-Made Quartz American-Made Quartz

The latest quartz stone surfaces from Cambria have random veining patterns suitable for large application. Read more

LED Grab Bars LED Grab Bars

These grab bars not only offer support but also light up when someone enters the room. Read more

Flexible Window Screen Flexible Window Screen

The spring steel frame on Sierra Pacific Windows’ FlexScreen is designed to spring easily into a window simply by being flexed. Read more

Self-Cleaning Exterior Paint Self-Cleaning Exterior Paint

Sherwin-Williams says dirt will wash away on contact with rain or water on surfaces painted with its new Emerald Rain Refresh Exterior Acrylic Latex. Read more

Water Barrier System Water Barrier System

Liquid flashing and a transition membrane are the latest products in the DensDefy line from Georgia-Pacific. Read more

Pre-engineered Glass Alcove Pre-engineered Glass Alcove

The Marvin Skycove arrives fully constructed with a steel structure, bottom insulation, and a choice of dual- or triple-pane glass. Read more

Wall-Mount Garage Opener Wall-Mount Garage Opener

Genie’s Wall Mount Pro Series (model 6170) garage door opener attaches directly to a garage door’s spring tube. Read more

Floor-Warming Thermostat Floor-Warming Thermostat

Emerson's new standard Warm Tiles ES ColorTouch and wireless, Wi-Fi-enabled Warm Tiles ESW ColorTouch smart thermostats are designed for use with floor warming systems. Read more

Large-Format Showerheads Large-Format Showerheads

Large-format showerheads from California Faucets offer sleek, streamlined designs. Read more

Extruded Beadboard Extruded Beadboard

PVC beadboard from Kleer Lumber comes in 16-foot lengths and has a reversible T&G profile with a shiplap nailing flange. Read more

Waterproof Interlocking Wall Panels Waterproof Interlocking Wall Panels

These innovative panels don't require a water vapor barrier or waterproof membrane behind them and can be directly mounted on studs or over existing walls. Read more

Floating Wood Stair Floating Wood Stair

A concealed rigid steel stringer system allows Viewrail's Terrace stair to appear to rise unsupported. Read more

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