January 2021 Table of Contents

Lessons From the Pandemic JLC Lessons From the Pandemic

To create resilient companies, successful business owners must know their financials and make data-driven decisions. Read more

On-Site With Solid PVC and Composite Siding JLC On-Site With Solid PVC and Composite Siding

A veteran installer shares his hard-won experience installing premium polymer-based sidings. Read more

Decks Over Roofs Decks Over Roofs

Doug Horgan's three field-tested methods for building durable, leakproof decks above living space. Read more

Attaching a Ledger to Studs Q&A Attaching a Ledger to Studs

Mike Guertin breaks down an approach you can employ—if your local building official approves—that uses proprietary structural screws. Read more

On The Job
Foolproof Kitchen Cabinet Installation On the Job Foolproof Kitchen Cabinet Installation

A pro shares his tips and techniques for layout, rough-in, and installation that will ensure a successful result. Read more

An Airtight Hatch Cover For An Old Attic On the Job An Airtight Hatch Cover For An Old Attic

Manny Silva has a method for creating an airtight seal even when the attic floor is uneven. Read more

A Versatile Small-Batch Concrete Mixer A Versatile Small-Batch Concrete Mixer

MultiQuip's MC3PEA compact mixer is as portable as a wheelbarrow, but can also be mounted on a stand. Read more

One Tough Carbide Recip Saw Blade TOOLS OF THE TRADE One Tough Carbide Recip Saw Blade

Clayton DeKorne tests Diablo's new Steel Demon "Amped" carbide recip saw blades; here's his report. Read more

Gut Rehab of the White House JLC Gut Rehab of the White House

When Harry S. Truman launched a three-year renovation of the White House in 1949, he had political reasons for keeping the huge project under wraps. Read more

Drop-in Laundry Sink Drop-in Laundry Sink

Integrated options are also available, in ceramic or solid surface. Read more

Wood-Alternative Cladding Wood-Alternative Cladding

A bamboo-plastic composite provides the look of open-joint wood siding without the maintenance. Read more

Cordless Duplex Nailer Cordless Duplex Nailer

Speed up building concrete forms, scaffolding, and other temporary wood structures with a battery-powered nailer that promises to last all day. Read more

Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Spyder claims the 8%-cobalt composition resists shattering and heat-related damage. Read more

Outdoor Living Enhancements Outdoor Living Enhancements

New fire features, water elements, and planters from Trex are made from copper and stainless steel. Read more

Fiberglass Roofing Underlayment Fiberglass Roofing Underlayment

Recently improved, Boral Ply 40 now offers an uncovered exposure time of six months. Read more

Handcrafted Bathroom Vanities Handcrafted Bathroom Vanities

Made in the USA, Strasser Montlake vanities feature wood drawers with dovetail joinery and sealed bottom and top edges. Read more

Third-Rack Dishwashers Third-Rack Dishwashers

Who doesn't need extra room in a dishwasher? Read more

WUI-Approved Sun Tunnels WUI-Approved Sun Tunnels

Velux sun tunnel skylights are now available with ignition-resistant glass and flame-resistant construction. Read more

Knob-Free Wall Oven Knob-Free Wall Oven

Minimalist design suits modern kitchens. Read more

High-Volume Dust Extractor High-Volume Dust Extractor

The Festool CT 48 E AC features a 12.7-gallon capacity and a self-cleaning filter. Read more

Floating Glass Railing Floating Glass Railing

Proprietary hardware integrates the glass with Viewrail's Flight stair treads. Read more

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