May 2021 Table of Contents

Roof Collapse Averted Roof Collapse Averted

A simple framing error almost led to a total building failure. Read more

Special Report: Import Lumber Grades Special Report: Import Lumber Grades

U.S. building codes do not formally recognize all the lumber currently circulating in the U.S. market. Read more

Insurance Basics for Construction Professionals Insurance Basics for Construction Professionals

In construction, a good insurance broker may be more valuable than a lawyer. Read more

Training the Trades
Getting the Most Out of a Track Saw JLC Getting the Most Out of a Track Saw

A primer on what a track saw can and can't do well, and how to use one wisely. Read more

Solution for Crumbling Concrete Q&A Solution for Crumbling Concrete

Before attempting to repair a failed concrete surface, you have to first figure out what caused the problem. Read more

On the Job
Working With Fiber-Cement Shingles Working With Fiber-Cement Shingles

Panel layout can be a head-scratching challenge. Read more

Opening Up a Narrow Room Opening Up a Narrow Room

Using glass panels to separate a basement stairwell from the living room and kitchen added a much needed sense of space. Read more

Anchoring Mudsill Anchoring Mudsill

When it comes to making the transition from concrete work to wood framing, Tim Uhler has tried almost all the options. Read more

Key Trends in the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report Key Trends in the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report

Homes provide different types of value. This study tracks one that proves to be a critical conversation starter. Read more

A Troubled Tiny House A Troubled Tiny House

Building a small wooden structure on a steel trailer without considering climate and basic building science is a recipe for disaster. Read more

Classic Porch Revival Classic Porch Revival

How Manny Silva refreshed an old porch using a mix of original and new materials. Read more

A Traditional Porch Ceiling With a Contemporary Twist A Traditional Porch Ceiling With a Contemporary Twist

A dark-colored PVC ceiling board proved to be a perfect fit for this modern farmhouse porch. Read more

Flaming Boulders Flaming Boulders

How a Colorado contractor added nighttime flair to a hardscaping project with a unique, custom-built fire feature. Read more

A More Efficient Jobsite A More Efficient Jobsite

How a solo contractor can profit - literally - by eliminating wasted time and motion. Read more

New Railings for the Pinnacle New Railings for the Pinnacle

Read about a unique detail that was needed to restore and partially replace the wood porch railing on this historic Lake Champlain home. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Tool Test: Festool Kapex KS120 REB Miter Saw Tool Test: Festool Kapex KS120 REB Miter Saw

Finish carpenter, Tommie Mullaney reviews the latest iteration of Festool's premiere miter saw. Read more

Not-quite Historic Preservation Not-quite Historic Preservation

When a hidden note was discovered on an old plaster wall, special skills were needed to save it. Read more

Decorative Vinyl Railing Infill Decorative Vinyl Railing Infill

New options from RDI help provide a custom look. Read more

Color-Enhancing Outdoor Sealer Color-Enhancing Outdoor Sealer

The sealer promises to protect surfaces such as manufactured stone pavers without making them slippery. Read more

Single-Component Air Barrier Single-Component Air Barrier

Applied with a caulk gun, the liquid-applied barrier seals rough openings, joints, and penetrations in above-grade wall construction. Read more

Prefabricated Wood Shear Wall Prefabricated Wood Shear Wall

Made of laminated strand lumber with pre-attached hold-downs, it can be trimmed in the field. Read more

All-in-One Outdoor Kitchen All-in-One Outdoor Kitchen

A lightweight, all-aluminum island houses five burners, a refrigerator, and storage space. Read more

Engineered Wood Subflooring Engineered Wood Subflooring

A protective surface sheds water and helps guard against flaking or delamination. Read more

Smooth Panel Siding Smooth Panel Siding

SmartSide Smooth Finish Panels have a square edge and come factory-primed. Read more

Low-Maintenance Capped Composite Decking Low-Maintenance Capped Composite Decking

Boards have wood-grain patterns and a matte finish with crosscut markings. Read more

Self-Adhering Roof Underlayment Self-Adhering Roof Underlayment

Designed for use with asphalt shingles, the underlayment seals around fasteners and other penetrations. Read more

Hidden Flap-Door Hinges Hidden Flap-Door Hinges

The soft-close, spring-tensioned mechanism is only 12 mm thick. Read more

Smooth and Slate-Texture Pavers Smooth and Slate-Texture Pavers

Modular sizing makes a variety of layouts possible. Read more

One-Step Fastener Installation One-Step Fastener Installation

A new tool from Trex facilitates installation of Trex Hideaway deck fasteners. Read more

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