October 2021 Table of Contents

Rethinking the Pantry Kitchens Rethinking the Pantry

Add value to this popular kitchen upgrade with customized shelving and cabinets, and with practical work surfaces. Read more

A Two-Phase Seismic Retrofit Structure A Two-Phase Seismic Retrofit

How do you prep a 1930s-era building for the next ‘big one'? By reinforcing roof-to-wall and truss-to-post connections and adding a steel moment frame. Read more

An Illustrated Guide to Wind-Resilient Buildings An Illustrated Guide to Wind-Resilient Buildings

Strengthening the load path is the key to framing buildings that can stand up to hurricanes and tornadoes. Read more

Training the Trades
An Introduction to Structural Design An Introduction to Structural Design

To keep a building upright, you have to know how it might fall down. Read more

On the Job
Fitting New Stairs Into a Tight Space Fitting New Stairs Into a Tight Space

Retrofitting a narrow townhouse with a new staircase while meeting code proved to be a game of inches. Read more

7 Rules for Choosing a Client 7 Rules for Choosing a Client

Saying "No" to a job is hard, but Jake Bruton thinks it's sometimes the smartest business decision you can make. Read more

Guards, Handrails, and the 2021 IRC Guards, Handrails, and the 2021 IRC

Glenn Mathewson explains the new code requirements for guards and handrails on decks. Read more

An Affordable and Powerful Design Software Option EYE FOR DESIGN An Affordable and Powerful Design Software Option

Don't let the name fool you; Realtime Landscaping Architect software is capable of producing construction drawings and lifelike 3D renderings of decks and houses. Read more

Adding a Rooftop Deck Adding a Rooftop Deck

Removing this home's attic was the key to gaining more outdoor living space and better ocean views. Read more

Durable Wood Fencing Durable Wood Fencing

Make cedar fence posts stronger and more durable using this innovative pinned post connection detail. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Multipurpose Prescription Safety Glasses Tools of the Trade Multipurpose Prescription Safety Glasses

Tom O'Brien wears this practical and stylish pair of safety glasses on the jobsite and on his bike. Read more

Easy-Install Outdoor Kitchens Easy-Install Outdoor Kitchens

These glass-fiber-reinforced concrete cabinets come unclad, ready for customization with appliances, countertops, and stone finishes. Read more

Powder-Coated Aluminum Decking Powder-Coated Aluminum Decking

Noncombustible, low-maintenance planks articulate together to help keep the space below dry. Read more

HFC-Free Sealant HFC-Free Sealant

A two-component polyurethane spray foam with lower global warming potential Read more

Tile Waterproofing Solutions Tile Waterproofing Solutions

These new liquid rubber polymers form waterproofing and anti-fracture membranes behind tile. Read more

Standing-Seam Metal Cladding Standing-Seam Metal Cladding

Staggering the lengths of the panels creates a shingled look. Read more

Thin-Profile Cable Fencing Thin-Profile Cable Fencing

Panels come preassembled and tensioned. Read more

Nailable Composite Stone Veneer Nailable Composite Stone Veneer

Installs with a standard finish nailer and stainless steel finish nails; no mortar required. Read more

Decorative Post-Base Wrap Decorative Post-Base Wrap

For an easy upgrade, dress up the bottoms of deck or pergola posts with a four-piece wrap. Read more

Polyester WRB Membrane Polyester WRB Membrane

Optimized for panelization, this self-adhered membrane can be exposed for up to a year. Read more

Automated, Adjustable Pergola Automated, Adjustable Pergola

Wind, rain, and temperature sensors cue the system to open or close the aluminum louvers. Read more

Energy Star Dehumidifier Energy Star Dehumidifier

This unit combines a dehumidifier and damper plenum to both dehumidify and ventilate. Read more

Panelized Stone Cladding Panelized Stone Cladding

Panels only weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds per square foot. Read more

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