July-August 2022 Table of Contents

Inspecting the Inspectors JLC Survey Inspecting the Inspectors

We asked our readers to weigh in on the building code enforcement process in the current post-lockdown era. Here are the results of our survey. Read more

Blind-Side Waterproofing Blind-Side Waterproofing

How a hillside home's failing block foundation was reinforced by poured concrete interior liner walls with a pre-applied drainable waterproofing assembly. Read more

The Danger of Installing Vinyl Siding in Cold Climates The Danger of Installing Vinyl Siding in Cold Climates

Despite popular belief, vinyl siding does not always hang loose enough to dry condensed indoor moisture. Read more

Training the Trades
Checking the Accuracy of Squares and Levels Training the Trades Checking the Accuracy of Squares and Levels

Are your cuts a skosh off, your doors or windows half a bubble off plumb? Read more

Zip Tape Solvent Q&A Zip Tape Solvent

Once you get the sticky adhesive on you, is there an easy way to get it off? Read more

On the Job
A Brass Porthole for an Interior Door A Brass Porthole for an Interior Door

An improvised router jig helps fulfill an unusual, last-minute client request. Read more

Calculating House Volume for Blower Door Tests JLC Calculating House Volume for Blower Door Tests

The only way to accurately measure air changes per hour is to accurately measure house volume. Randy Williams explains how. Read more

A Tactical Response to Inflation A Tactical Response to Inflation

How contractors handle business now can ease the pain inflicted by our economy Read more

Dropping the Deck Ledger Structure Dropping the Deck Ledger

Glenn Mathewson explains how to frame a deck that is flush with the first floor system when the deck ledger is fastened to the foundation rather than the wall framing. Read more

Building a Rock-Solid Outdoor Kitchen Building a Rock-Solid Outdoor Kitchen

Manufactured stone veneer cladding over standard wood framing gives this elevated deck's cabinetry the look of stone without the weight. Read more

Building a ‘Removable’ Deck Professional Deck Builder Building a ‘Removable’ Deck

How an engineered design with unusually beefy cantilevered beams allowed part of this large deck to be built over a municipal sewer easement. Read more

Deck Stair Upgrades Deck Stair Upgrades

Four approaches to stair design that will make your decks stand out from the crowd. Read more

Installing a Steel Pergola Installing a Steel Pergola

Framed with structural steel and assembled like a giant erector set on massive footings, this pergola is rated for 110 mph wind loads. Read more

Box Truck Makeover Box Truck Makeover

It's just another white cargo van until it's customized with built-in tool storage and graphics. Read more

Tool Test: Flex 24v 6 ½-Inch In-Line Circular Saw Tool Test: Flex 24v 6 ½-Inch In-Line Circular Saw

This compact but powerful cordless circular saw earns high marks from reviewer Mark Clement. Read more

The Cocoanut Grove Fire, Lessons Learned The Cocoanut Grove Fire, Lessons Learned

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history, which led to major changes in our building and fire safety codes. Read more

Hardwood-Mimicking Composite Decking Hardwood-Mimicking Composite Decking

Boards are wrapped on four sides with a protective polyethylene layer. Read more

Multipurpose Plumbing Sealant Multipurpose Plumbing Sealant

Use it on steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and plastics. Read more

Drywall Corner Beads Drywall Corner Beads

Beads are made with a plastic core, joint tape, and surface paper. Read more

Fascia Fastening System Fascia Fastening System

Oversized holes help accommodate expansion and contraction of composite boards. Read more

Stainless Steel Deck Fasteners Stainless Steel Deck Fasteners

Along with wood and composite deck and trim screws, the line includes edge and collated screws and joist-hanger nails. Read more

Exterior Painter’s Tape Exterior Painter’s Tape

FrogTape says the tape adheres to rough and painted surfaces and removes cleanly. Read more

High-Tech Lag Screws High-Tech Lag Screws

Designed for less splitting and less load on the drill. Read more

Lineage Composite Decking Lineage Composite Decking

Trex Lineage deck boards reflect sunlight to help them stay cooler underfoot. Read more

Fast-Curing Subfloor Adhesive Fast-Curing Subfloor Adhesive

Solvent-free, LP Legacy polyurethane adhesive has up to 12 times the coverage of a solvent-based adhesive. Read more

Curb Appeal–Enhancing Door Panels Curb Appeal–Enhancing Door Panels

Dress up ProVia Signet Fir doors with the company's new fiberglass simulated divided panels. Read more

Protective Joist Tape Protective Joist Tape

It comes in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch-wide rolls. Read more

All-Electric Cooktop All-Electric Cooktop

Features include a high-powered element with three individually controlled heat rings and a synchronizing function for heating large pots over multiple burners. Read more

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