November-December 2023 Table of Contents

Peeling Back the Layers of a Kitchen Remodel Peeling Back the Layers of a Kitchen Remodel

Mike Whalen explains how he and the DBS crew tackle an old house kitchen remodel. Read more

Tuning Up Construction Stairs Tuning Up Construction Stairs

Dave Holbrook shows how to use a series of precisely stacked and staggered blocks to correct the rise and run on a set of site-built stairs Read more

Training the Trades
12 Rules for Better Framing Training the Trades 12 Rules for Better Framing

Meet Ben Morton, who got his start working as a laborer for JLC contributor John Spier, and later became a successful Maine contractor by following John's framing guidelines. Read more

Evaluating Fire-Damaged Concrete Q&A Evaluating Fire-Damaged Concrete

Sometimes the foundation of a fire-damaged building is okay to re-use; sometimes it's not. Here's how a forensic structural engineer makes that decision. Read more

Builder Guide
Civil Litigation for Construction Professionals JLC BUILDER GUIDE Civil Litigation for Construction Professionals

Pete Fowler explains how to navigate through legal hot water when there is a construction dispute on one of your projects. Read more

On the Job
High-Performance Foundation Waterproofing On the Job High-Performance Foundation Waterproofing

Ian Schwandt breaks down how and why his crew installed Mel-Rol's foundation waterproofing membrane on a recent project. Read more

The Well-Organized Carpenter JLC The Well-Organized Carpenter

Brian Campbell's shop-built tool system overcomes the shortcomings of commercially-made, stackable tool boxes. Read more

Hidden Bathroom Access Panels On the Job Hidden Bathroom Access Panels

Tom O'Brien explains how to hide plumbing and mechanical systems behind removable panels for future access. Read more

How to Accurately Price Change Orders How to Accurately Price Change Orders

Here's how to avoid inaccurately priced change orders, which are one of the main ways remodeling companies lose money. Read more

Health Insurance for Contractors JLC Builder Guides Health Insurance for Contractors

Either you pay upfront via premiums, or on the back end via total out-of-pocket costs. Veteran builder Rob Corbo breaks it down. Read more

Tools of the Trade
A Compact Drill/Driver Kit That Packs a Big Punch A Compact Drill/Driver Kit That Packs a Big Punch

Jake Lewandowski and the Great Lakes Builders crew field test Milwaukee's M18 Fuel drill/driver combo kit. Read more

A Portable Drill Press Alternative A Portable Drill Press Alternative

John Carroll tests Rockler's portable drill guide to see how well it delivers on its promise to bring drill-press precision to the jobsite. Read more

Helping Rebuild Notre Dame Helping Rebuild Notre Dame

This Vermont timber-framer is helping to restore the fire-damaged roof trusses of France's iconic cathedral. Read more

Smart Breaker Panel Smart Breaker Panel

This electrical panel integrates with solar systems and back-up batteries to prioritize circuits and manage power use. Read more

Minimalist Faucet Collection Minimalist Faucet Collection

Choose from five palettes and seven styles. Read more

Keyless-Entry Smart Locks Keyless-Entry Smart Locks

Replace existing deadbolts and enable keyless, one-touch locking. Read more

Colorful Natural Stone Sinks Colorful Natural Stone Sinks

These modern, solid-surface vessel sinks come in clay, blue, and green as well as black and white. Read more

Radiant Heat Retrofit Radiant Heat Retrofit

Heat mats staple to floor joists to warm up existing flooring above. Read more

Urban Countertop Surface Urban Countertop Surface

A new line from Silestone promises moisture-, stain-, and scratch-resistance. Read more

Single-Room Air Purifier Single-Room Air Purifier

When the unit senses particulates the size of pollen, the fan speeds up until the air is clean. Read more

Energy Storage System Energy Storage System

Panasonic's Evervolt home battery system stores power generated by solar installations. Read more

Durable Circular Saw Blade Durable Circular Saw Blade

The blade's thin-kerf carbide teeth can cut through nail-embedded wood and abrasive materials such as asphalt shingles. Read more

Bathtub Drain Technology Bathtub Drain Technology

ZeroDrain promises a quick installation and clean aesthetic. Read more

Shallow Foundation Form Shallow Foundation Form

Mono Slab EZ insulated forms for shallow foundations allow backfilling before concrete placement. Read more

Trimboard Protective Film Trimboard Protective Film

Protects Kleer Trimboards and Sheets against dust and dirt during storage, handling, and installation. Read more

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