January 2005 Table of Contents

Breakline Breakline

The Four Furie's of 2004, Native Species Take Root, ACQ Wrap-Up Read more

Guest Editorial Guest Editorial

The 2004 hurricanes brought catastrophe, but much of the damage could have been prevented Read more

Evaluating OSB for Coastal Roofs Evaluating OSB for Coastal Roofs

After Hurricane Andrew, Florida code advisers ruled OSB sheathing inferior to plywood. Was this judgment too hasty? Here's what the experts say. Read more

Products Products

Smart Vapor Retarder, Flip-Up Floodgate, High-Tech Patio Doors, Sure Finishes, See-Through Deck Balusters, Mold-Resistant Coating, Trex Report, Tough Landscape Lighting Read more

Soundings Soundings

Cooling Strategies, Fastening Roof Tile, How Shear Walls Work Read more

Speccing Windows in High-Wind Zones Speccing Windows in High-Wind Zones

In regions vulnerable to wind-borne debris and hurricane-force winds, the code offers more than one way for coastal builders to comply with new impact-resistance rules. Read more

Interview: Storm Rapport Interview: Storm Rapport

Robert Criner, president of Criner Construction Co. in Yorktown, Va., had been in the residential remodeling business for more than 25 years when Hurricane Isabel hit in 2003 and brought everything to a thudding halt. He offers a few insights for coastal contractors on how to manage client relationships and carry out business in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. Read more

Painting the Coastal Home Painting the Coastal Home

Exterior paint takes a beating from intense sun and salt spray, and the demands of Read more

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