July 2005 Table of Contents

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Required Engineering - Hurricane Academy - Coastal Population Booms - 2005 Hurricane Forecast Read more

Chilling at Home Chilling at Home

Ductless mini-splits offer efficient cooling and outstanding dehumidification, making them an increasingly popular option for coastal homes. Charles Wardell investigates the pros and cons, including cost, cooling performance, ease of installation, efficiency, corrosion resistance, and more. Read more

Products Products

Space Savers - Composite Shingles - Engineered Opening - Outlet Energy Block - Premeasured Roof Sheathing - Operable Acrylic Block Windows - T&G Composite Flooring - Bug-Free Living - HouseNet for Brick Read more

Interview: Shore Success Interview: Shore Success

New Jersey builder Tim Cross balances remodeling projects and new homes as a strategy for regulating his work flow and growing his business. His company, Merrick Construction, employs 10 high-end finish carpenters and turns out roughly $6 million per year in sales. Here, Cross reveals some of the details that keep his business ahead of the competition. Read more

Site Report: Working with PVC Trim Site Report: Working with PVC Trim

Plastic trim is maintenance-free, even in unforgiving coastal climates ... assuming it’s installed correctly. Project Manager Jeff Kent explains how to achieve durable exterior details, and vows that once you learn how to use PVC, you’ll never go back to wood. Read more

Soundings Soundings

Sun Block for Windows - Critical Control Joints Read more

Keeping Termites at Bay Keeping Termites at Bay

Builders and remodelers aren't exterminators, but they do play a key role in long-term termite control. Read more

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