October 2005 Table of Contents

Breakline: The Other Coastal Crisis Breakline: The Other Coastal Crisis

The Other Coastal Crisis - Thunderclouds Over Paradise Read more

Case Study:Ten Years After Case Study:Ten Years After

Architect and home builder Andrew DiGiammo takes a stroll through one of his earliest beachfront homes and candidly tells what worked and what didn't about the product and material choices he made Read more

Defeating the Wind Defeating the Wind

Wherever wind speeds are likely to reach over 110 mph, coastal codes are now requiring an engineering analysis of the plans. In addition to shear, sliding, and overturning forces, the wind imparts intense uplift pressures. Ted Cushman examines how one Long Island architect has managed to meet the wind code using structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the building shell. Read more

Design: Designing With the Sun in Mind Design: Designing With the Sun in Mind

Designing With the Sun in Mind Read more

Interview: Attention to Detail Interview: Attention to Detail

Anthony "Smokey" Saduk, a third-generation builder and carpenter extraordinaire, threw in all his chips to join the house-building partnership of Hallelfinger & Standeven Construction of Leesburg, N.J., bringing an expertise in project management and a focus on exteriors that has improved the production capacity of the company. Read more

Products Products

Stainless Cap Nuts - Low-Maintenance Millwork - Folding Walls - Aggressive Augers - Standby Power - Storm Shingles - Stronger Siding - Durable Doors Read more

Septic Systems for Coastal Homes Septic Systems for Coastal Homes

Along the shore and intercoastal waterways, all sites are "difficult," requiring extra treatment for wastewater. Charles Wardell examines some of the more successful alternative treatment options that are being used by home builders up and down the coast. Read more

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