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Systems-Built Solutions - Code Option Flies Out the Window - Common Code Violations - 2005 Tropical Storm Summary Read more

Details: Airtight Framing Details: Airtight Framing

Building scientists Jeff and John Tooley have been a committed father-and-son team diagnosing homes for moisture and energy problems for decades. In their combined experience, they have come to understand that the difference between a home that works and one laden with moisture and energy problems often lies in how well it's framed. They offer simple recommendations for stopping air and putting an end to all the moisture problems that come with severe air leaks - all tasks best done by the framer. Read more

Guest Editorial Guest Editorial

Stronger Nails, Properly Spaced Read more

Interview: Point of Focus Interview: Point of Focus

GB General Contractors dodged a bullet when Rita roared to town. The second Category 5 hurricane of the record-breaking 2005 hurricane season moved north, sparing the Pearland community of the greater Houston metropolis a direct hit. Owner Gil Boyles breathed a sigh of relief - one born of experience: He is no stranger to coastal disaster. Here he shares his experience building a remodeling business in an urban coastal market where flooding, high humidity, and demanding customers are the lay of the land. Read more

Not Just a Pretty Face Not Just a Pretty Face

While curb appeal still holds some cachet with buyers, it's what lies beneath a beautiful facade that really counts in the long run. Ted Cushman reports on the hard-won experience of Smokey Saduk, who has pioneered the use of low-maintenance synthetics backed by an impeccable weather barrier to produce an exterior that not only looks elegant but stays that way. Read more

Installing Ipe Decking Installing Ipe Decking

Installing Ipe Decking - Latent Cooling Loads Read more

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