July 2006 Table of Contents

Breakline: Rising Coastal Waters Breakline: Rising Coastal Waters

Rising Coastal Waters - Green Building Gains Ground in Gulf Read more

Interview: Island Habitats Interview: Island Habitats

Robert Van Cleef started Yankee Housewrights as a residential remodeling business in 1985 in Jamestown, Rhode Island. With a wealth of remodeling experience in his toolbox, Van Cleef tells us why certain new construction projects don't interest him and how preparing your business to handle two or three times its capacity can pay off. Read more

Products Products

Stainless-Steel Wiring Staples - Insulating Fire-Block - Site Shop Setup - Premium Sliders - Rust-Resistant Post Mount - Clear Storm Panels - Soundproofing Solution Read more

Low Country Rx: Wet Floodproofing Low Country Rx: Wet Floodproofing

Hurricane Ian was a reminder that flooding is an often inevitable consequence of coastal living. Here are construction details that will allow a building to dry out without excessive damage. Read more

Selecting Sunrooms for Coastal Homes Selecting Sunrooms for Coastal Homes

You can now get a prefabricated sunroom that will satisfy nearly every design and budget. But you have to work with the manufacturer to make sure you get what you and your customers want. Our guide to systems, glazing, and current codes will help you select sunrooms for the long run, leaving nothing to chance Read more

Soundings Soundings

Durable Wood-Floor Finishes Read more

Wall Bracing and the IRC Wall Bracing and the IRC

Section R602.10 of the International Residential Code calls for "braced wall lines" composed of "braced wall panels." The location, width, and construction details of these braced wall panels, as well as the materials that can be used to build them, are spelled out in the code's text, tables, and illustrations, but it's not a simple prescription. Here's a clear path through the maze of options. Read more

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