March 2006 Table of Contents

Breakline Breakline

Dangerous Demolition - Gulf Renaissance - Insurance Rates to Climb - Named Storms Break the Record Read more

In the Clear In the Clear

Clear finishes that preserve the natural look of exterior woodwork take a beating in any climate but have an even harder time withstanding the onslaught of sun, salt, and moisture in coastal climes. In this article, we go to boatbuilders, paint chemists, door-finishing specialists, and marine carpenters to find out how to apply and maintain the most durable clear finishes on high-end custom homes. Read more

Products Products

High-Performance Underlayment - 36-Volt Power Tools - Drainage-Plane Clips - Bendable Borders - Impact-Resistant Glass Block System - Efficient Bracing - Integral Insulation Read more

Rebuilding the Gulf: Back to the Future Rebuilding the Gulf: Back to the Future

The tremendous surge from Hurricane Katrina that washed across Lake Pontchartrain and swamped New Orleans also took a serious toll on the houses in Mandeville, La. Ted Cushman, who traveled to the region to lend a hand in the recovery, was there to document two historic buildings that stood tall despite the devastating wave. This case story provides an interesting lesson in history that suggests the old-time builders in the region knew exactly what they were doing. Read more

Selecting Windows for Coastal Homes Selecting Windows for Coastal Homes

All windows worth buying should carry a valid warranty and meet basic structural and thermal performance measures. On the coast, however, strong winds and blowing rain make it imperative that windows meet even more stringent performance requirements. Editor Clayton DeKorne sorts through the standards and specifications that provide a greater measure of confidence in finding a window that will make clients happy in the long run. Read more

Soundings Soundings

Termite Defenses for Slab-on-Grade Foundations - Making Sense of Air Barriers Read more

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