May 2006 Table of Contents

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Restoring Trust - School of Demolition - Tougher Codes - High Hazard Study - Storm-Tracking Tools Read more

Rebuilding the Gulf: Cooling Strategies for the Gulf Coast Rebuilding the Gulf: Cooling Strategies for the Gulf Coast

In the hot, humid South, it's not enough to install high-efficiency air conditioning. Dedicated dehumidification, along with impeccable attention to sealing the building enclosure, is required. Researchers at LSU exhibit three practical systems that balance performance and cost in the "LaHouse" project -- Louisiana State University's comprehensive demonstration home built to teach Gulf Coast residents and builders sustainable housing solutions. Read more

Genuine Mold Genuine Mold

It doesn't take a Category 5 hurricane to create a huge mold problem. Mold is rampant throughout the East and Gulf Coast regions. But coastal contractors need to know that mold is not toxic and does not cause diseases. It is simply an allergen that has to be dealt with accordingly. Read more

Interview: Great Expectations Interview: Great Expectations

Steven J. Koenig specializes in custom residential homes on islands along the South Carolina shore. At a cost of as much as $500 or more per square foot, his homes appeal to a select group of very high-end clients. Koenig discusses the unique challenges of working with this clientele and working with the architects who design such one-of-a-kind homes. Read more


Pending Study - Cover Critique - Coastal Textbook Read more

Products Products

Architectural Shutters - Fail-Safe Decks - High-Tech Wood Preservative - Ladder Attachment - Foundation Straps - Flexible Perm Rating - Straw Structural Panels - Garage-Door Brace Read more

Soundings: Sealed Crawlspaces in Flood Zones Soundings: Sealed Crawlspaces in Flood Zones

Sealed Crawlspaces in Flood Zones Read more

Stucco That Works Stucco That Works

Done well, traditional three-coat stucco should be impervious to water, but the demands of schedule and budget have pushed many builders to opt for less durable one-coat stucco claddings and have enticed applicators to take shortcuts that compromise the integrity of otherwise good stucco. To remedy such problems, builders have two options: Do the stucco right to begin with, or build in fail-safe details that will allow the wall to drain and dry. Read more

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