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Cooling Off at the Beach ~ Crime of Opportunity ~ Currents Read more

Durable Coastal Decks Durable Coastal Decks

Decks and porches on beach homes take the brunt of any storm. Add to that the homeowners' desire for low-maintenance finishes that stand the test of time even in a salt environment, and it's clear that builders have to be especially fussy about their deck materials choices and installation methods. Charles Wardell asked three East Coast builders who work on waterfront homes what materials and techniques they recommend for exterior decks. All agreed durability is the goal, but they each take a slightly different path to get there. Read more


Piling Costs ~ Coastal Plans Source ~ Trade Knowledge Read more

Native Landscaping for Coastal Homes Native Landscaping for Coastal Homes

Drawn to the coast for its natural beauty and wildlife, yet increasingly confronted by red tides, fish kills, and contaminated beaches, many coastal residents are deeply concerned about the environment. While they cannot single-handedly save the coast, a growing number are seeking out builders and landscapers who can help them make a difference in their own front yards, by landscaping with environmentally friendly native plants. Read more

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Barrier Housewrap ~ Strong Hold ~ High-Performance Hips ~ Leakproof Liner ~Denailing Gun ~ The Next Cordless Revolution ~ Cedar Look-Alike ~ Modern Metal ~ PVC Trim Kits ~ New Cordless Nailer Read more

Robust Walls Robust Walls

Ted Cushman explains how to design and detail a foam-sheathed wall system that takes into account the site's climate and weather exposure. Read more

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Classic Columns Read more

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