September 2006 Table of Contents

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Water Woes Read more

From the Editor

One Year After Read more


Ventilation Fan Sources - Detailing Crawlspaces - Mold Remediation Read more

Perfect Storm Flashing Perfect Storm Flashing

Working on Long Island, remodeling contractor Mike Sloggatt has to prepare homes to weather the occasional nor'easter. So when it comes to installing windows and doors, he's not afraid of overkill. Here, he details the flashing routine he typically employs to create a drainable, water-resistant assembly that works (no callbacks). Read more

Products Products

Low-Maintenance Railing - Speedy Anchor - Durable Decks - Shelter from the Storm - Faster Fastening - Revolutionary Roof - Synthetic Underlayment - Maximum Opening - Pristine Trim - Competing Compressors Read more


Building on Ledge - Erosion of Light-Commercial Property Read more

Review: Strong, Safe, Foundations Review: Strong, Safe, Foundations

Faced with an unprecedented coastal reconstruction need post-Katrina, the mitigation arm of the Federal Emergency Management Agency has released FEMA 550, Recommended Residential Construction for the Gulf Coast: Building on Strong and Safe Foundations. This must-have document for coastal building professionals sets a new standard for practical engineering guidelines. We look at what's included and what it means for builders. Read more

Tile Roofs for Hurricane Zones Tile Roofs for Hurricane Zones

One of the most common problems found in the aftermath of hurricanes Frances, Charley, and Ivan was failure of the roofing system. The tile industry responded to the problem with new design criteria and installation details, which have since been added to the Florida Building Code. Charles Wardell sums up the guidelines for best practice, including new hip and ridge requirements, and sheds light on what installers may need to know with the even tougher codes to come. Read more

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