January 2008 Table of Contents

Breakline: Required Roof Retrofits Breakline: Required Roof Retrofits

Required Roof Retrofits ~ Debating Climate Change Read more

Insulation That Works Insulation That Works

In more than 25 years of consulting with builders on ways to avoid callbacks, Steve Easley has spent his time solving problems related the heat and moisture transfer, because this is where builders — even very good builders who deliver well-appointed homes to the coastal elite — most often get things wrong. With tougher requirements for the Energy Star label substantially raising the bar for thermal and moisture building performance, however, that scenario may be changing. Easley makes a case for using closed-cell spray foam (ccSPF) to correct insulation woes as he highlights some of the most frequent problem areas addressed by the EPA's Thermal Bypass Checklist Guide. Read more

Green Building: Island Solar Green Building: Island Solar

At South Mountain, a 100% worker-owned remodeling firm on Martha's Vineyard, employee-owner Phil Forest has discovered that venturing into renewables — including energy audits, solar electric panels, solar water heaters, and wind-turbine generators — fills a niche in the building business that is becoming increasingly important to today's homeowners. Ted Cushman reports on conservation, photovoltaic options, and the economies of solar in this green building update. Read more

Products Products

Stainless Connectors ~ No Math, No Fuss ~ Cellular-PVC Crown ~ Faux Ipe ~ Gutter Appeal ~ Dormer Kits Read more

Soundings Soundings

Fasteners for Treated Wood: Practical Solutions for Coastal Environments Read more

Weather Barriers for Coastal Conditions Weather Barriers for Coastal Conditions

Bill Robinson's techniques for stopping water and air from penetrating through building enclosures in coastal areas can be applied to all homes. Read more

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