September 2012 Table of Contents

Super-Efficient Cohousing Community Springs up in Coastal Maine

Belfast's Ecovillage isn't your typical development — it's an "intentional community" patterned after the cohousing projects of northern Europe. Read more

FEMA Audit Questions Florida Non-Profit's Wind Retrofit Work

A Department of Homeland Security Inspector General's audit of the non-profit's practices says that Rebuild Northwest Florida paid a hand-picked contractor too much to manage the work. Read more

Chinese Drywall: Taishan On the Hook for Bad Drywall, Judges Rule

Another Chinese drywall maker must face Florida and Virginia state court jurisdiction in lawsuits over defective drywall, Federal and state courts have ruled this month. Read more

Isaac's Storm Surge Churns Up Last Year's Spilled Oil

Isaac's storm surge and wave action uncovered old deposits of spilled oil and tar from 2010's devastating BP oil release. Read more

October Hearing Set for Southern Pine Downgrade

Southern Pine lumber will get new engineering strength values and new span tables with reduced spans for visually graded lumber. Read more

The Canadians Are Coming! The Canadians Are Coming!

Canadians continue to flock to Florida. Read more

Remodeling Show Preview: Decks and the Code

Glenn Mathewson presents a two-day program of study for the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) Master Deck Building Certification. Read more

Port of Miami Tunnel Project Half Dug

How about a tunnel 3,900 feet long? That's the job facing a public-private consortium that's working to improve traffic flow in the Port of Miami. Read more

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