February 2013 Table of Contents

Lower Manhattan’s Old Seaport Still Shattered by Sandy Lower Manhattan’s Old Seaport Still Shattered by Sandy

Four months after Hurricane Sandy, it’s not just the beach communities in New Jersey to Long Island that are still in rough shape. Parts of Manhattan are also far from recovering. Read more

The Mystic: Boston's Other River Struggles to Get Clean

For the nation’s polluted rivers and streams, it has been a long road back — starting with the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972. Read more

On a Florida Beach, a Tree House Crosses the Line

If you want to know how big a deal coastal construction and zoning regulations can be, you don’t have to look further than the tree house at Angelinos Sea Lodge, a bed-and-breakfast getaway at Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island, Fla. Read more

Backing off on Backing Off: Carolinas Ponder Their Relationship to a Rising Sea Backing off on Backing Off: Carolinas Ponder Their Relationship to a Rising Sea

A South Carolina blue-ribbon commission working to re-envision the state’s 25-year-old Beachfront Management Act will likely give up on the law’s central notion, a policy of retreat from the shoreline to move development away from the water. Read more

Negligence? Or Gross Negligence? Federal Trial Starts in BP Gulf Oil Spill

BP and its partners in the oil platform are facing a civil trial in a New Orleans federal courtroom, as Gulf Coast states and the U.S. government seek to recover the costs of the cleanup, compensation for economic and environmental damage, and likely additional penalties for negligence. Read more

Boston Plans for Rising Seas

Superstorm Sandy did not flood downtown Boston — but it could have. Had the storm arrived six hours earlier, at high tide, water would have surged through city streets. Read more

Homeowners Sue Power Company for Sandy Fires

Was the Long Island Power Company at fault for the Breezy Point conflagration sparked during Hurricane Sandy? Some homeowners say yes — and they’ll see LIPA in court. Read more

Strewn by Sandy, Underwater Debris Poses Summer Peril

Boaters on the Jersey Shore this summer risk collisions with everything up to and including the kitchen sink. Read more

Local New Jersey Politicians Fight New Flood Elevation Rules Local New Jersey Politicians Fight New Flood Elevation Rules

New Jersey’s mayors and city council members have been getting their first look at the latest flood maps from FEMA — and they don’t like what they’re seeing. Read more

Staten Island Neighborhood Votes to Ask for Buyout

New York City’s Staten Island shore took a beating from Sandy. Now, homeowners there say they’re ready to admit defeat. Read more

Protecting the Shore: Can Man-Made Dunes Work Like the Real Thing?

Big dunes saved some neighborhoods in New Jersey and New York from the worst of Sandy’s wrath. Does that mean we should build more dunes? Read more

Elected Officials Slam Flood Insurance Program for Slow Performance

Senator Schumer and Governor Christie are taking the FEMA-backed flood insurance program to task for slow processing — and slower payouts. Read more

Baton Rouge Builder Jailed on Felony Charge for Nonpayment of Subs

Baton Rouge police have leveled felony theft charges against a Louisiana builder after more than 30 unpaid trade contractors filed liens against four homeowners. Read more

Seven Years After Katrina, New Orleans Ninth Ward Still Struggling

When it comes to rebuilding, can New Orleans put the ball in the end zone? Read more

Nor’easter Bizzard’s Storm Surge Slams Coastal Homes

When the storm finally struck, even police were surprised at some locations by the combination of high tide, storm surge, and waves. Read more

New Design Values Issued for Southern Pine New Design Values Issued for Southern Pine

The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) has voted to accept new design values for Southern Pine lumber, including all sizes and grades of dimensional lumber. Read more

Judge Okays Huge Settlement in Chinese Drywall Suits

Federal Judge Eldon E. Fallon has okayed a massive settlement that will cover thousands of houses whose value was degraded by sulfurous emissions seeping out of contaminated Chinese-made drywall. Read more

Thousands of Buildings Landing in New York's Redrawn Flood Zones Thousands of Buildings Landing in New York's Redrawn Flood Zones

FEMA’s new flood maps for New York are coming out, and the new boundaries extend over more properties. Read more

Gauging Sandy's Economic Impact

Sandy has been a drag on the U.S. economy. But will the long-run effect be good for the region? Read more

Sandy Aid Package Passes, But Money Flows Slowly

After months of political maneuvering, Congress has acted on a relief package for the region impacted by Superstorm Sandy, but there is no telling when the money authorized by Congress will actually reach the people who need it. Read more

Cuomo to Long Islanders: Head for the Hills

There’s lively debate about whether rebuilding on the coastline is wise. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants Hurricane Sandy victims who live along the coast to consider rebuilding their homes on stilts or selling their houses to the state and relocating, Read more

Winter Puts a Harsh Bite on Sandy Survivors

Unlike previous storms, Sandy affected a northern region where winter weather is a rough reality. And three months after the storm, people whose heating systems are still out of commission have been shivering. Read more

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