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Jake Lewandowski reviews the SawStop CTS Compact Table Saw More

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A Safer Compact Table Saw

SawStop's latest 10-inch model provides their blade-stopping safety feature in a... More

The Fate of REAXX

A ruling that will very likely stand sealed the flesh-detecting saw’s fate. We... More

SawStop Sues Bosch over REAXX Table Saw

Two well-known power tool companies prepare to duke it out in the parking lot. More

Tested SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

This high-end portable saw will protect your fingers. More

Bosch Takes Aim at SawStop

The REAXX portable table saw reacts when flesh touches the spinning blade, pulling... More

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Portable SawStop Unit Brings Safety On-Site

High-tech safety goes where you go with this new saw model. More

SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

Flesh-sensing safety technology will soon be available on portable models. More

SawStop Suit Stopped: Tool Companies Escape With Only a Nick

A federal judge dismissed an antitrust lawsuit charging most of the world’s table saw makers with conspiracy and group boycott. More

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