Courtesy Zonda Virtual

Zonda has taken its mission of “building the future of housing” to new heights. Through its recently launched new-home listings platform, BUILDER’s parent company presents the 2024 Virtual Concept Home by Livabl.

Created by some of the industry’s top builders, designers, and leaders, “the home that grows with you” offers a flexible, customizable product intended to be adaptable for many life stages, including family-oriented buyers, empty nesters, or multigenerational households.

Users can virtually walk the home and toggle between different layouts, materials, and finishes and see the results in real time, without the cost and time associated with building a physical prototype.

While a virtual home cannot replace the experience of being in a physical space, it offers several benefits over a built project, says George Papaioannou, vice president of sales at Zonda Virtual.

“It takes a lot less time and money to design and build a virtual home with all the specs than traditionally building a home,” says Papaioannou. “It also gives you the opportunity to showcase all of your product upgrades and structural options.”

For example, when offering a flex space, builders usually have to pick a single scenario to showcase in a model. But with a virtual format, homeowners can immediately see an office, a game room, or a bedroom option in that space by simply checking a box.

“You’re leaving a lot of options to the imagination of the home buyer, whereas with this technology, you can actually visualize every single option,” continues Papaioannou. “Plus, you can repurpose that plan for other communities or divisions in other areas of the country. You now have an asset that is livable.”

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