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Adding Hand-Hewn Beams to a Finished Ceiling

These vintage beams aren't structural, but still require careful cutting and... More

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Repairing a Buckled Ceiling

Jake Lewandowski explains how poor framing and a meager insulation job led to... More

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Installing A Tricky Curved Ceiling

A thorny design requirement inspired this Louisiana homebuilder to think outside... More

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Quick Tray Ceiling

Myron Ferguson demonstrates how to upgrade a flat ceiling to an eye-catching tray... More

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Ornamental Tin Ceiling Panels in a Historic Home

A Vermont craftsman retrofits a water-damaged ceiling with decorative tin panels... More

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Dimensional Changes in Wood

How to calculate the changes for whatever pieces you might choose. More

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A ‘Best Principles’ Cold Roof Assembly

Jeremy Kassel explains why belts and suspenders are needed when it comes to using... More

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Raising Ceiling Joists

An engineer explains how to create a vaulted ceiling in a low-pitched roof with no... More

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Truss Uplift Solutions

How to prevent and repair truss uplift drywall cracks. More

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