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Mind the Drip

Joe Lstiburek explains how kerfs and drip edges play key roles in a building's... More

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The Science Behind Freezing Water Pipes

Why do hot water pipes freeze and burst more frequently than cold water pipes? More

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How Insulation Can Peel Your Paint

Joe Lstiburek on capillary suction, a moisture transport mechanism that is... More

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Frost-Damaged Tankless Hot Water Heaters

What to do about tankless outdoor water heaters when the power goes out and it's... More

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The Most Common Unforced Error in Architecture

Learn about common drainage problems with stucco and other claddings, and how to... More

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Can Buildings Take Vacation Too?

Peter Yost installs some HOBO data loggers in a Vermont vacation home to find out... More

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Water Heater Autopsy

The boys are having fun. To quote one comment to this Build Show video: "Hair... More

California Gets New Water Conservation Rules
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