"What are your strategies for preventing conflict from arising?" asks Shane Durkin at the beginning of this episode of the Builder Round Table. "Because," he continues, "I think it's naive to think that there's a client relationship or project that exists out there that is free of problems."

In this episode, Luke, Jake, Jackson and Shane all weigh in on what it takes to head off major problems. Often, we learn, the small problems, which inevitably occur on any custom project, can grow into major problems if the client discovers them before you've had a chance to address them. "Nothing good is going to come from waiting," Jake sagely says. And each of the Builder Round Table participants follow with what adds up to be an important lesson on what honesty and humility in business look like.

JLC is pleased to host the Unbuild It Podcast business series, Builder Round Table, featuring Jake Bruton (Aarow Building, Columbia and Kansas City, Mo.), Jackson Andrews (Jackson Andrews Building + Design, Virginia Beach, Va.), Luke Mann (Rangeline Homes, Evergreen, Co.) and Shane Durkin (Patriot High Performance Homes, Coronado, Ca.).