In a new episode of the Builder Round Table, Jake Bruton, Luke Mann, Jackson Andrews, and Shane Durkin reveal how they each came to choose a job pricing strategy - cost plus vs. fixed cost - that underpins their construction contracts.

Where they landed was surprising to us at JLC. Have they explored all the legal ramifications of their decision? You decide. How do they establish a position of trust between contractor and customer? Can they hang onto that when things go awry? We found their positions convincing. Will you be persuaded? More importantly, will it push you to reconsider how you write contracts, win jobs, and turn current and past customers into referrals - the ultimate test of a job well done?

Builder Round Table features four custom builders, each building high-performance homes in different parts of the U.S.: Jake Bruton (Aarow Building, Columbia and Kansas City, Mo.), Jackson Andrews (Jackson Andrews Building + Design, Virginia Beach, Va.), Luke Mann (Rangeline Homes, Evergreen, Co.) and Shane Durkin (Patriot High Performance Homes, Coronado, Ca.).