NADRA's CPAC has nothing to do with politics. Its new initiative - called CPAC, or Consumer Product Awareness Charter - is an attempt to develop a uniform quality standard for outdoor living products, and evaluate and label those products through a neutral third-party. In the program, which will be administered by NTA, an accredited certification agency, decking products will be rated on a 1-10 scale for resistance to fungal decay, heat retention, fade resistance, swell and water absorption, slip resistance, and abrasion resistance.

According to NADRA president Matt Breyer, the CPAC program will allow stakeholders to be directly involved in policing the industry, reduce inferior products, and establish validation for quality decking manufacturers. During Phase I of the program, current NADRA members are invited to submit available test data that covers the program's six elements to NTA, which will evaluate and compile the data to create a database for each product participating in the program. For more information on CPAC and to begin the registration process, click here.

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