For those of you who don't already know, Jordan Smith is the metal-master who works on Matt Risinger's crew and is single-handedly bringing all us carpenters up to speed on an increasingly important class of building material - metal.

In this video, he lines us out on "SMAW sticks" or "welding rods. (If you want to sound really smart, you call welding rods "electrodes.")

For those who haven't gone to Grainger, or some other source, and picked themselves up a little Lincoln Electric welder (or some other rig; see note to Jordan below), we highly recommend you try this. If nothing else, it'll be the funnest hobby you ever ventured into. If you go there, Jordan will help.

(On a side note, Jordan, this is our ask to you: What little arc-welding rig and other gear would you recommend to a carpenter who wants to learn to join metal ... a.k.a. a craftsman who is savvy about building, about materials, and works everyday with his of her hands (i.e. is not just a weekend warrior). OK, maybe that's too much to ask in one video, but maybe there's "A Carpenter's Guide to Crafting Metal" series there that you could start ... please. You're probably the only one on the planet who could give us all that in a way that would be relevant to what we do.)