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Metal Board and Batten Profile

Available in steel or aluminum, panels install with concealed fasteners through... More

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Steel Siding With Wood-Grain Look

A polyester-based coating provides color and texture in addition to protection. More

Installing a Steel Pergola

Framed with structural steel and assembled like a giant erector set on massive... More

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A Two-Phase Seismic Retrofit

How do you prep a 1930s-era building for the next ‘big one'? By reinforcing... More

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Durable Steel Pergolas

Components can be assembled in custom configurations--without specialized tools. More

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Combining Steel Columns and Beams With Wood Framing

How story poles and templates make it easier to integrate steel with conventional... More

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Working Toward a Carbon-Free Steel

Blaine Brownell looks at ongoing efforts by the steel industry to reduce its... More

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Why Are I-beams Shaped Like an "I", and specified with the letter W?

An engineer breaks down the logic behind steel beam shapes and naming conventions. More

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Novel Steel Railing System

DuraLife Concord steel rail kits come prewelded with brackets attached. More

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Replacing a Basement Girder

A beam line (or center basement girder) plays a key structural role. Jake... More

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