May-June 2012 Table of Contents

Building an Elliptical Deck Building an Elliptical Deck

A layout trick simplifies a complicated project. Read more

A Bright Spot After the Storm DAY'S END A Bright Spot After the Storm

PDB contributors help rebuild a playground in Joplin, Mo. Read more

Helical Pile Deck Foundations Helical Pile Deck Foundations

Why helical piles might be a better deck foundation option than concrete piers or PT posts. Read more

Keeping Water Out of Decks Keeping Water Out of Decks

Predictably, our climate causes a lot of water-related problems, making good flashing details paramount to the longevity of decks and the houses they are attached to. Read more

DECK LEDGER Getting a Handle on Cash Flow

Payment schedules keep money coming in, but you still need to know when the bills are due Read more

LETTERS 2012 IRC; Downsizing

2012 code is too complicated; get creative instead of downsizing Read more

Acetylated Decking Acetylated Decking

Eastman Chemical Co. is using the process of acetylation to treat southern pine for a new line of decking. Read more

Painting Composite Decking QUESTION & ANSWER Painting Composite Decking

It's possible, but check with the manufacturer first Read more

Ledger-Bolting Requirements in the 2012 IRC STRUCTURE Ledger-Bolting Requirements in the 2012 IRC

New limitations make it harder to comply with the code Read more

Cordless 24-Volt Rotary Hammer TOOL KIT Cordless 24-Volt Rotary Hammer

Cordless 24-volt rotary hammer; SDS bits Read more

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