Spring 2013 Table of Contents

Lightweight Framing Nailers Lightweight Framing Nailers

These sub 8-pound nail guns are comfortable to use and surprisingly powerful. Read more

Modular Tool Organizers Modular Tool Organizers

Modular organizers share the same footprint and can be stacked and latched together for storage and transport. Read more

DeWalt DWV012 Dust Extractor TOOLS UP CLOSE DeWalt DWV012 Dust Extractor

This self-cleaning HEPA vacuum is designed to collect the fine dust produced by sanding drywall, demolishing plaster, and cutting, grinding, and drilling concrete. Read more

Dumper Dogg Dump Truck Insert PRODUCT WATCH Dumper Dogg Dump Truck Insert

This bed insert turns a pickup into a dump truck. Read more

Makita LXRM03B Job-Site Radio PRODUCT WATCH Makita LXRM03B Job-Site Radio

This durable job-site radio has a dock that is compatible with most iPods and iPhones. Read more

Giant Jig for Big Ellipses TOOLHOUNDS Giant Jig for Big Ellipses

This shop-built router jig allows the operator to accurately cut ellipses. Read more

Wera Diamond Coated Driver Bits PRODUCT WATCH Wera Diamond Coated Driver Bits

Diamond particles prevent these driver bits from slipping out of screws. Read more

A.R.E SpaceKap Cat PRODUCT WATCH A.R.E SpaceKap Cat

A high-end fiberglass cap that fits into the bed of a pickup. Read more

Rolair JC10 Compressor PRODUCT WATCH Rolair JC10 Compressor

A small and quiet 2 1/2-gallon air compressor. Read more

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill/Driver PRODUCT WATCH Milwaukee M12 Fuel Drill/Driver

This 12-volt model has a brushless motor and a half-inch chuck. Read more

Klein Power Conduit Reamer PRODUCT WATCH Klein Power Conduit Reamer

This hex-drive reamer fits in drill and impact drivers. Read more

Johnson Johnny Square PRODUCT WATCH Johnson Johnny Square

A powder-coated aluminum square with easy-to-read markings. Read more

Festool Syslite PRODUCT WATCH Festool Syslite

This rechargeable LED work light is bright and durable. Read more

Elephant Stand Hitch Step PRODUCT WATCH Elephant Stand Hitch Step

A step that folds out from the truck's trailer hitch. Read more

DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw PRODUCT WATCH DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

A compact circular saw that weighs less than 9 pounds. Read more

Dremel Drywall Jab Saw for OMTs PRODUCT WATCH Dremel Drywall Jab Saw for OMTs

A jab-saw attachment for oscillating multi-tools. Read more

The Cargo Buckle PRODUCT WATCH The Cargo Buckle

The excess webbing disappears into the cover of this ratcheting tie-down strap. Read more

Bosch FNS138-23 Pin Nailer PRODUCT WATCH Bosch FNS138-23 Pin Nailer

A small pinner with dry-fire lockout and a very small tip. Read more

BOLT Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit PRODUCT WATCH BOLT Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit

A lock that can be keyed on site to match any key you already have. Read more

Armeg Acceler 8% Hole Saw PRODUCT WATCH Armeg Acceler 8% Hole Saw

This thin kerf hole saw is said by its maker to cut faster than standard models. Read more

Arbortech TurboPlane PRODUCT WATCH Arbortech TurboPlane

A grinder attachment that uses carbide teeth to remove wood. Read more

Accumark Carpenterís Pencil PRODUCT WATCH Accumark Carpenterís Pencil

It looks like a razor blade and fits in a utility knife but it marks lines like pencil lead. Read more

Festool Hybrid Driver TOOLS UP CLOSE Festool Hybrid Driver

The Ti 15 brushless impact driver is also a drill/driver. Read more

Crescent 18-Inch Indexing Flat Bar TOOLS UP CLOSE Crescent 18-Inch Indexing Flat Bar

The curved head of this pry bar can be pivoted and locked into 16 different positions. Read more

Tool Test: Laser Distance Meters Tool Test: Laser Distance Meters

These compact, precise measures complement traditional tapes Read more

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