October 1993 Table of Contents

Case Study: Flat Truss Failure

Excessive indoor moisture and heat caused the plates in these 2x4 floor trusses to spring loose and the floor to sag. Read more

Concrete Block Foundations

A mason describes how to lay out, reinforce, drain, and waterproof block foundations for top performance. Read more

The Electrical Panel

In this guided tour of a distribution panel, a master electrician tells how to make sure an electrical system is wired safely and correctly grounded. Read more

Interior Trim Tips

A finish carpentry foreman shares his strategies for producing high-quality finish jobs on time and on budget. Read more

Interview: Through Thick and Thin A Design/Build Partnership

Years ago builders Devon Hartman and Bill Baldwin decided to join forces. We talk with them to find out the secret of their success as business partners. Read more

Laminate Countertops On Site

A cabinet specialist describes the tools, materials, and techniques you’ll need for building high-quality custom countertops on site. Read more

Q&A: Taking the Twist Out of Wide Pine Flooring Q&A: Taking the Twist Out of Wide Pine Flooring

Q: We build a lot of reproduction Colonial homes and have problems with wide pine flooring shrinking, warping, and splitting. What is the best way to control this? Read more

Q&A: Foam Under Floors

Q: Can I use rigid foam panels sandwiched between subfloor and finish floor to insulate over a crawlspace? Read more

Q&A: Leveling Existing Concrete

Q: We need to level a concrete floor. Is there a way to grind or pulverize the old slab? Are there any other options? Read more

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