July-August 2020 Table of Contents

Four Keys to a High-Performance Building Envelope Four Keys to a High-Performance Building Envelope

Here's an in-depth look at the four control layers—for water, air, vapor, and thermal—that make up the 'Perfect Walls' and roof of a super-airtight Georgia home. Read more

How to Read Blueprints How to Read Blueprints

Learning to decipher the details on a set of construction drawings is a key skill for all tradespeople. Read more

Replacing a Basement Girder Replacing a Basement Girder

A beam line (or center basement girder) plays a key structural role. Jake Lewandowski explains how to replace it safely and efficiently. Read more

On The Job
Weaving Shingle Corners, With Flare Weaving Shingle Corners, With Flare

Manny Silva breaks down how to install this classic New England siding detail. Read more

Mapping Your Company's Restart JLC Mapping Your Company's Restart

For these days of uncertainty, here's an exercise that can help you understand what’s happening in your company. Read more

Dense-Packing Unvented Roofs Dense-Packing Unvented Roofs

A weatherization expert explains how to successfully insulate an unvented roof with dense-pack cellulose. Read more

Avoiding Paint Callbacks Avoiding Paint Callbacks

Success with exterior wood coatings starts with the carpenters Read more

Real Deal Review: Leica DD230 SMART Utility Locator Real Deal Review: Leica DD230 SMART Utility Locator

Project manager Jeff Kirby finds a handy tool for getting a peek at what lies beneath Read more

A Better Pair of Ladders A Better Pair of Ladders

Tim Uhler checks out a combo step/extension ladder, and a ladder with a built-in leg leveling system. Read more

From Bra Cups to PPE: The N95 Story JLC From Bra Cups to PPE: The N95 Story

How a special type of nonwoven fabric developed in the 1930s led to today's N95 mask design. Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Components Outdoor Kitchen Components

Trex and Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens teamed up to offer stainless steel cabinets in a range of widths and finishes. Read more

Clear Glass Railing Clear Glass Railing

Frameless side-mount, base-rail, and standoff-pin Viewrail guardrail systems provide safety without blocking the view. Read more

Body-Heat Sensor System Body-Heat Sensor System

Wearable sensors alert workers and supervisors to signs of heat stress. Read more

Miniature Water Heaters Miniature Water Heaters

A small point-of use unit can be an economical choice for outdoor kitchens and other remote sinks. Read more

Advanced Bidet Seat Advanced Bidet Seat

Here's a way to turn a standard toilet into a bidet. Read more

Exterior Refrigerator Exterior Refrigerator

The Brama outdoor refrigerator from Vinotemp can be installed built-in or freestanding. Read more

Energy-Efficient HVAC Energy-Efficient HVAC

The Infinity 26 Air Conditioner and Infinity 24 Heat Pump from Carrier have variable-speed compressors that adjust to the needs of the home. Read more

Dual-Purpose Roof Underlayment Dual-Purpose Roof Underlayment

Polystick XFR provides waterproofing and fire resistance. Read more

Acoustical Sealant Acoustical Sealant

Dap Sound Block E90 ceiling and wall sealant helps reduce sound transmission through penetrations. Read more

Modern Smart Fan Modern Smart Fan

Take your porch designs up a notch by including a ceiling fan. Read more

Unhinged Skylight Unhinged Skylight

Rather than hinging open conventionally, the Awaken skylight opens parallel to the roof. Read more

Decorative Wood Connectors Decorative Wood Connectors

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Outdoor Accents Avant code-listed connectors and fasteners are made from exterior-rated galvanized steel. Read more

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