June 2020 Table of Contents

Organizing Kitchen Rough-Ins JLC Organizing Kitchen Rough-Ins

Careful layout of mechanicals and smart sequencing avoids a tangle of trades. Read more

Strategies for Safe, Affordable Decks Strategies for Safe, Affordable Decks

Deck code expert Glenn Mathewson explains how to build more efficiently and trim costs while still meeting code. Read more

Training the Trades
Circular Saw Basics Circular Saw Basics

A primer for new crew members from veteran carpenter John Spier on getting the most from this jobsite workhorse. Read more

On The Job
Tiling Over Existing Tile Tiling Over Existing Tile

Tom Meehan shows how he upgraded an old - but sound - tile shower with a new river-stone floor. Read more

Crafting a Classic Room Divider Crafting a Classic Room Divider

Gary Striegler shows how to build an elegant trim detail that visually separates two spaces in an open floor plan. Read more

Flexible Pricing: A Strategy for Uncertain Times Flexible Pricing: A Strategy for Uncertain Times

Instead of lump-sum pricing, which focuses on costs, consider flexible pricing, which focuses on your clients and the things they value. Read more

A Simple, Cost-Effective Ventilation Strategy A Simple, Cost-Effective Ventilation Strategy

This solution features an ERV for continuous ventilation and multiple point-of-use exhaust fans to remove humidity and air pollution. Read more

How to Avoid Drywall Callbacks How to Avoid Drywall Callbacks

Drywall expert Myron Ferguson breaks down the causes of the most common drywall failures. Read more

Real Deal Review: Max SuperLocator Positive Placement Nailer Real Deal Review: Max SuperLocator Positive Placement Nailer

Tim Uhler checks out Max's compact SN438J metal connector nailer, which uses the nail tip instead of a probe to locate the nail hole. Read more

A Hybrid-powered Reciprocating Saw Tools of the Trade A Hybrid-powered Reciprocating Saw

Tim Uhler reports on the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36v cordless reciprocating saw, which can be powered by a battery or by plugging it into a standard AC power outlet. Read more

A Pair of Bright Work Lights A Pair of Bright Work Lights

Tim Uhler checks out Milwaukee's M18 Radius site light and Rocket tower light work, which have a number of smart features. Read more

Termite-Engineered HVAC Termite-Engineered HVAC

More than just chimneys, those tall mounds serve as breathing mechanisms for the below-ground sub-Saharan termite colonies that live in them. Read more

Statement Tile Statement Tile

Emser Tile released new, bold patterns in its 2020 collections. Read more

Light, Thin Solar Panels Light, Thin Solar Panels

Sunflare PowerFit 20 solar panels install on standing seam metal roofs. Read more

Thermal Imaging Inspection System Thermal Imaging Inspection System

Flir Systems MR277, a thermal-enabled moisture meter with hygrometer, combines thermal and visual images with hygrometer readings and laser location. Read more

Self-Adhered Flashing Self-Adhered Flashing

HydroFlash GP from Benjamin Obdyke does not require a primer. Read more

Compact Air Quality Monitor Compact Air Quality Monitor

The Wave Mini monitors total volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity. Read more

Antimicrobial Hardware Coating Antimicrobial Hardware Coating

Inox is offering a new powder-coat finish for its stainless steel door pulls and other accessories. Read more

Glass-Faced Gypsum Panel Glass-Faced Gypsum Panel

The panel is designed for use in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements, where moisture may be present. Read more

Universal Linear Drain Universal Linear Drain

This drain from Infinity Drain is compatible with multiple waterproofing methods. Read more

Composite Stone Panels Composite Stone Panels

These lightweight panels from Royal Building Products install like conventional siding. Read more

Heavy-Duty Garage Rail Heavy-Duty Garage Rail

Overhead Door designed this rail to support tall and heavy residential garage doors. Read more

Paperless Drywall Tape Paperless Drywall Tape

A reinforcement layer in FibaFuse Max tape helps provide crack resistance and prevent tearing. Read more

Fiberglass Exterior Doors Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Large areas of insulated glass on Masonite's VistaGrande doors let more light into the home. Read more

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