June 2021 Table of Contents

A Builder's Guide to Breathable Indoor Air A Builder's Guide to Breathable Indoor Air

The formula for cleaner, healthier indoor air is simple: A tight shell, and balanced energy-recovery ventilation. Read more

Animal Hospital Rehab Animal Hospital Rehab

Workflow and planning were critical in keeping this emergency veterinary care facility running 24/7 during an extensive renovation project. Read more

Training the Trades
Buying Hardwood Buying Hardwood

Going to a specialty wood dealer for hardwood trim stock or solid-wood moldings is completely different than running to the lumberyard. Read more

Preventing Drainage Problems on Low-Slope Roofs Q&A Preventing Drainage Problems on Low-Slope Roofs

Frank Woeste explains how deflection - which is normal - can cause water to pond on roofs that meet design requirements for positive drainage. Read more

On the Job
Installing a Residential Elevator Installing a Residential Elevator

A GC describes how his crew prepped for the installation of a residential glass elevator in a new home, and how the elevator crew installed it. Read more

Color-Coded Layout ON THE JOB Color-Coded Layout

Marking up both the plans and the jobsite with a systematic color scheme keeps all of the trades on track. Read more

Finding the Money to Retire Well Finding the Money to Retire Well

When you are a self-employed contractor, it isn't easy to retire with money in the bank. Here are some strategies that can help. Read more

Reinventing the Multisplit Reinventing the Multisplit

VRF technology offers efficient cold-climate heating and cooling for a builder’s office. Read more

Troubleshooting a Failed TPO Roof Troubleshooting a Failed TPO Roof

On a low-slope roof, a single flaw can cause big problems. Here's a case study in what can go wrong, and how to do it right. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Tool Review: A Quicker Cordless Framing Nailer Tool Review: A Quicker Cordless Framing Nailer

Instead of a using flywheel, Senco's F-35XP nailer is driven by a piston powered by an 18v brushless motor, so there's no lag time when you pull the trigger. Read more

Reinventing the Biscuit Joiner TOOLS OF THE TRADE Reinventing the Biscuit Joiner

Lamello's Zeta P2 joiner works with unique mechanical "biscuits" to create strong, glue-free joints that can be disassembled. Read more

A Practical Solar Home for a Cold Climate BACKFILL A Practical Solar Home for a Cold Climate

A student team from the University of Colorado won the 2020 Solar Decathlon Build Challenge with this conventional-looking - but innovative - design. Read more

Ladder Safety Enhancement Ladder Safety Enhancement

Easy to install, this device is designed to help keep a ladder from slipping or shifting. Read more

Condensing Tankless Water Heater Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Navien says an intuitive control panel makes the new NPE-2 series easier to install and troubleshoot. Read more

High Performance Antimicrobial Coating High Performance Antimicrobial Coating

A single coat resists mold growth on dry coating surfaces such as wood, plaster, concrete, and primed metal. Read more

Custom Mosaic Tile Surfaces Custom Mosaic Tile Surfaces

Mix and match patterns and colors for a custom look. Read more

Installation Support Tool Installation Support Tool

Installing cabinets and drywall is a lot easier with a jack. Read more

High-Tech, PM-Monitoring IAQ High-Tech, PM-Monitoring IAQ

The View Plus lets users keep tabs on their indoor air quality. Read more

Optimal Drain Protection Optimal Drain Protection

A one-way valve promises to keep out insects and odors. Read more

Touchless Kitchen Faucets Touchless Kitchen Faucets

An ADA-compliant faucet with hands-free sensors and auto shutoff. Read more

Mineral-Based Composite Cladding Mineral-Based Composite Cladding

Similar in weight to PVC, these deck boards are now approved for use as cladding. Read more

Vapor Permeable Flashing Tape Vapor Permeable Flashing Tape

A higher permeance option for certain high-performance assemblies. Read more

Premium Architectural Asphalt Shingles Premium Architectural Asphalt Shingles

With increasingly severe weather events, roofing performance is more important than ever. Read more

Whole-House, Two-Stage Filtration System Whole-House, Two-Stage Filtration System

Between COVID and tighter building envelopes, indoor air quality is top of mind for homeowners. Read more

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