January-February 2023 Table of Contents

A Smarter Way of Charging for Overhead and Profit JLC BUILDER GUIDE A Smarter Way of Charging for Overhead and Profit

When bidding on a project, you need more than a simple formula. Read more

Rescuing a Failing Structure JLC Rescuing a Failing Structure

How an underbuilt roof led to destruction of first-floor joists Read more

Training the Trades
Creating an In-House Training Program Creating an In-House Training Program

Most construction companies don't offer formal training to either new hires or existing crew members. Here's one that does. Read more

Stainless Steel, Salt, and...Corrosion? Q&A Stainless Steel, Salt, and...Corrosion?

Yes, stainless steel isn't stain-free, but there's a difference between staining and corrosion. Read more

Ductwork for a Retrofit ERV JLC Ductwork for a Retrofit ERV

Miguel Walker explains the tradeoffs of using existing heating ducts instead of dedicated ductwork for a balanced ventilation system. Read more

On the Job
Rebuilding a Box Bay Window On the Job Rebuilding a Box Bay Window

Inadequate structural details and flashing led to the early demise of this home's box bay window. Here's how Manny Silva fixed it. Read more

Pumpkin-Cut Drywall Repair On the Job Pumpkin-Cut Drywall Repair

This technique is as simple as it sounds, but can trim hours from a drywall repair job. Read more

Air-Sealing an Ice-Prone Home Air-Sealing an Ice-Prone Home

Chris West troubleshoots an ice damming problem in a Cape-style home, a common issue when there is an attached garage with bonus living space above. Read more

Tools of the Trade
Saying 'Goodbye' to Corded Compressors? Saying 'Goodbye' to Corded Compressors?

Not so fast, says Tony Blue while reviewing Metabo HPT's 8-gallon compressor, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet and is quieter than its gas competitors. Read more

Give Your Shop Vac a Mullet Give Your Shop Vac a Mullet

Tom O'Brien checks out the Mullet M5 high-speed cyclone dust collector. Read more

A Value-Priced Track Saw A Value-Priced Track Saw

Don't dismiss Ryobi's One+ HP cordless 6 1/2-inch track saw; it might have everything you need to get the job done. Read more

Traditional Siding for a Hemp Home Backfill Traditional Siding for a Hemp Home

Clad with cedar shingles, this Cape Cod home has a hempline core. Read more

Time-Saving Column Wraps Time-Saving Column Wraps

These PVC wraps snap together without adhesive. Read more

Recycled Bamboo-Hue Cladding Recycled Bamboo-Hue Cladding

The composite boards have an open-joint profile. Read more

Cold-Applied Waterproofing Cold-Applied Waterproofing

Suitable for use on interior or exterior concrete surfaces above or below grade. Read more

R-12 Duct Wrap R-12 Duct Wrap

The fiberglass insulation comes in 48- and 60-inch widths. Read more

14-Day Painter’s Tape 14-Day Painter’s Tape

Mask painted walls, glass, vinyl, metal, and wood, both inside and out. Read more

Black Vinyl Soffit Black Vinyl Soffit

Solid and vented profiles are available. Read more

Self-Adhered Roof Underlayment Self-Adhered Roof Underlayment

Polystick IR-Xe is reinforced with a fiberglass mat and surfaced with aggregate. Read more

Portable, Corded Power Hub Portable, Corded Power Hub

The GFCI-protected PowerHub 1 with six outlets, USB charging ports, and work light can help keep jobsites organized. Read more

Zippable Work Barrier Zippable Work Barrier

From ZipWall, a reusable, machine-washable barrier. Read more

Drainage Composite Mat Drainage Composite Mat

ABP Advanced Drain is designed to manage water flow and hydrostatic pressure behind foundation walls and more. Read more

Low-Vapor-Permeance Under-Slab Barrier Low-Vapor-Permeance Under-Slab Barrier

Viper II vapor barriers/retarders are multilayered for better puncture resistance. Read more

Programmable, Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostats Programmable, Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostats

The latest line of thermostats from AprilAire includes models with IAQ functions. Read more

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