Working in construction for more than 20 years, I’ve seen a number of tools, but rarely have I come across one that is a game-changer like the Viking Arm. Made in Norway from hardened stainless steel and aluminum, this compact but strong handheld jack has a lifting capacity of 330 pounds and a range of motion from 1/4 inch to 8 1/2 inches. Weighing only 3 pounds per device, a pair of Viking Arms and several bundles of shims fit inside a milk crate.

The Viking Arm can be used to both raise and lower heavy items such as cast iron sinks and cabinets with control and precision. The right trigger fully releases the tool; use the left trigger for controlled lowering action.

Lifting or spreading action is achieved by squeezing the all-metal handle, but where this tool really shines is in its precision lowering capability. Push the right trigger and the tool drops for a full release; for precision lowering, depress the left trigger. You will not get this control with a typical squeeze clamp tool. The Viking Arm can also be used as a clamp by removing a set screw and swapping the ratcheting mechanism around on the shaft.

Much of my work lately involves kitchens and baths, and I use a Viking Arm daily to level base cabinets prior to granite countertop installation. I just place the device under the face frame of the cabinet toe kick, and with precision, I can raise or lower a cabinet to match my laser level. It works on upper cabinets, too, with scrap-wood spacer blocks. I also use the Viking Arm to raise heavy cast-iron double sinks out of countertops. This is normally a two-person job, but with a Viking Arm, one person can safely raise the sink without throwing out their back. For lifting, pressing, tightening, and leveling, this is a quality tool that is worth its $200 price tag—but buy two. I got mine at