Massey Ferguson call its 1700 series of compact loaders an “agricultural” tractor. I’m not really sure why, because it looks awesome for residential remodeling applications like decks, patios, some site work, and a lot more.

And because it’s a tight-turn-radius 4-wheel-drive tractor, it is easier on the landscape and more versatile than a skid steer (not that I don’t love skid steers, but when things cost thousands instead of hundreds, I want them to cook me dinner after they work all day).

Modeled after the brand’s bigger farm tractors, the 1700 series is eye catching, if you need to move dirt (or snow).

There are four units in the 1700 series with 22.5- and 25-hp diesels powering them. It’s an alphabet soup that’s easier to follow in the video. My takeaway is that the GC1710 TLB and GC 1720TLB—they both have the bucket and backhoe included, starting around $18,835—seem to be the units that land in our wheelhouse for work that needs to be done.

On the other hand, maybe a backhoe means nothing to you and you get into the series by buying the 1700 with a bucket and maybe an auger for drilling deck posts. Then add on for snow as needed. It has a Category 1 3-point hitch with position control and 540-rpm PTO.

The entire bucket harness comes off when not needed, and you can get a drive-over mowing attachment for tending the grounds on your estate.