Drywall Tools

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Trimless Return for an Arch-Top Window

When the request is for a 'simple plaster look', here's how to make the transition... More

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Drywall Backer

For neater joints, try using Buttboard Drywall Backers behind your seams. More

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Pumpkin-Cut Drywall Repair

This technique is as simple as it sounds, but can trim hours from a drywall repair... More

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Adding Drywall Compound to Primer?

Drywall pro Myron Ferguson explains why he adds a few scoops of mud to the primer... More

Toolbits: PamFast Cordless Autofeed Screw Gun

The new unplugged version of FastenMaster's autofeed system is powered by either... More

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Clog-Free Sandpaper

JLC editor Clayton DeKorne tries out Diablo's SandNet, an open-weave nylon mesh... More

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Quick Drywall Patch

Known for his carpentry skills, Marlon Rodriguez shows he's got game when it comes... More

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Installation Support Tool

Installing cabinets and drywall is a lot easier with a jack. More

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Product Roundup - September 2020 Edition

Check out new and noteworthy products from Advance Equipment, DuraLife, Alside,... More

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Single-Hand Skimming Blade

A thin, flexible, offset blade with radius corners makes this a handy drywall tool. More

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