Building Codes

Right-Sizing Deck Beams

Mike Guertin breaks down how to read the new code tables and adjustments for... More

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Sleuthing Out Moisture

Bill Robinson explains how he conducts a building inspection on homes threatened... More

What to Expect for Decks in the 2024 IRC

Glenn Mathewson breaks down coming changes to the deck code in the next edition of... More

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Looking Ahead to the 2024 IRC

Glenn Matheson previews upcoming changes to the model residential building code,... More

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Installation Considerations for Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces enjoyed indoors and out are a desirable amenity. Here's how to install... More

Right-Sizing Deck Joists

Mike Guertin deciphers the ‘Maximum Deck Joist Span’ table in the 2021 IRC. More

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Are Building Codes Keeping Us From a Greener Built Environment?

A review of a new book by Aleksandra Jaeschke explores how building codes may show... More

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Rethinking Closet Ventilation

Joe Lstiburek makes the case for louvered closet doors...or for returns at the... More

Burying Deck Support Posts Below Grade

Glenn Mathewson digs into the new code requirements for installing concrete... More

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How Close Can a Mantel Be to a Fireplace?

Different standards apply to mantel and surround clearances, depending on whether... More

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