Concrete Construction

Burying Deck Support Posts Below Grade

Glenn Mathewson digs into the new code requirements for installing concrete... More

Mini Form Buster Pry Bar

Tim Uhler checks out a good pry bar, a must-have tool for any framer. More

Installing a Steel Pergola

Framed with structural steel and assembled like a giant erector set on massive... More

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Building a ‘Removable’ Deck

How an engineered design with unusually beefy cantilevered beams allowed part of... More

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Mission Creep

John Carroll is on the home stretch of a 20-year odyssey to transform the... More

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Is Rusty Rebar a Problem?

Why doesn’t the rebar used to reinforce concrete footings and foundations—which... More

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When a Footing Pour Goes Wrong

Tim Uhler explains how even when you do everything right, sometimes mistakes are... More

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Orange Caps for the Tips of the Spears

Tim Uhler reminds us that even though good rebar caps are expensive, getting... More

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Don't Break the Lateral Load Path

Tim Uhler shows how he installs embedded strap-tie hardware to transfer lateral... More

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Forming Stepped Footings

Watch as Tim Uhler and his partner form the footings for a new home on a stepped lot. More

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