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Code-Listed Hurricane Tie

The U-shaped tie holds a rafter or truss on both sides, providing lateral load... More

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A Furious Sky: Hurricanes in America

The 2022 hurricane season, which ends this month, chalked up more tales of... More

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An Illustrated Guide to Wind-Resilient Buildings

Strengthening the load path is the key to framing buildings that can stand up to... More

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Double Disaster in the Making: Hurricanes and Coronavirus

When the next big storm makes landfall, how will emergency shelters accommodate... More

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Putting Zip System to the Test

A full-scale hurricane test demonstrates that a sealed roof deck will keep a house... More

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Hurricane Dorian Menaces the East Coast

Update: Storm tracks show the hurricane approaching close to central Florida... More

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Ten Months After

In Panhandle Florida, Hurricane Michael recovery lags. More

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Florida Panhandle Still Hurting From Last Year's Hurricane

Disaster relief funds can't come too soon for Florida communities still reeling... More

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Harvey Flooding: Who's at Fault?

While some homeowners sue the federal government, funds are flowing for rebuilding... More

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