Roe Osborn

Linear drains have been manufactured for many years, mostly for commercial and industrial applications. In recent years, however, linear drains have been finding their way into our homes, providing a sleek alternative to the ubiquitous circular center drain for shower drainage. In addition to their stylish look, one of the more practical applications for linear drains is for accessible, curbless showers. The single sloping plane required for a shower floor with a linear drain makes for easier navigation and a more stable surface for a wheelchair user than the conical shape required for traditional center-drains.

But usefulness aside, most linear drains are being used in projects by designers and architects as a design element that offers a clean, elegant look for both curbed and curbless showers. The flat plane of the shower floor allows the installation of large-format tile, which expands design possibilities even further. Also, linear drains can be...

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