JLC has been following the evolution of builder Christian Corson's company, EcoCor, Inc., since 2011, when we covered the construction of Corson's first Passive House project, an affordable home in Knox, Maine (see An Affordable Passive House: Part 1, JLC 5/12, and Part 2, JLC 6/12).

With a half-dozen site-built Passive House jobs under his belt since that first effort, Corson is now moving into panelization, constructing wall and floor sections in a warehouse space in Searsmont, Maine, and offering full design services from his office above the shop (dubbed the "Ivory Tower" by the shop floor crew). Corson is setting his first custom home panel package this week in Woodstock, New York. Last week, JLC traveled to Searsmont along with Portland architect Rachel Conly to view Corson's facility and watch panels being built.