Adhered Concrete Masonry

JLC Field Guide: Adhered Concrete Masonry

Demand for ACMV siding has grown faster than the pool of knowledgeable installers. As a result, lots of homes with ACMV siding have shown signs of water damage just a few years after installation.

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Working With Manufactured Stone

As a veneer on exterior walls or masonry chimneys, manmade stone looks like the real thing, but without the weight and the cost. More

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Manufactured-Stone Nightmares

A remediation contractor explains how improperly installed synthetic-stone veneer... More

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Thin-Stone Veneer Over Rigid Foam

Installing real stone over continuous exterior insulation More

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Installing Manufactured Stone Over ICFs

To ensure good adhesion, use an acrylic mortar admix and make sure the faux stones... More

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Best Practices: Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer

ACMV has been increasing in popularity as a cladding on mid-range and high-end... More

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Adhered Concrete Masonry Instruction

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Avoiding Failures With Manufactured Stone

This cladding absorbs and hold water, so it's not surprising that installation... More

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Q&A: Creating a Non-Combustible Wall Behind a Gas Stove

What's the best way to create a non-combustible surface behind a gas stove in a living room? More

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Mixing Cladding and Stick-On Stone

Make sure you get the water-management details right the first time around More

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Upgrading the WRB With a Drainage Mat

Installing one of these membranes can help prevent rot behind stone and masonry... More

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Anchoring a Railing To Stone

Q. Anchoring a Railing To Stone I need to secure the base of a wrought-iron handrail to an exterior granite landing. My plan is to drill holes into the stone and use anchors. What's the best way to do this without cracking the stone, and what should I use for anchors? I am concerned that wedge anchors might cause cracks. More

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