I've recently become a fan of the Ecobee thermostat. While other "smart" thermostats on the market, such as Nest's, offer online control and home monitoring features, the Ecobee is the only thermostat I know of that provides extensive data logging and has a simple, free Internet portal for tracking performance. The Ecobee records and logs indoor and outdoor temperatures, set point, indoor humidity, and equipment runtime. It's a remarkable tool for diagnosing and solving the kinds of comfort problems that prove to be the most mystifying for those of us working to improve home performance: a room that won't heat or cool; a house that isn't "comfy"; indoor allergies or dry skin; a "clammy" area; and the like. Haven't you wished that you had some insight into the causes of these complaints? I sure have.

Of course, you could drop an IAQ monitor, such as Air Advice, at the home, or a Hobo data logger (see "Monitoring Home Performance," Sep/14). But what happens if you retrieve the logger too early, before a house experiences the particular conditions causing the problem you're trying to solve? Chances are either you will remain mystified or you...

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